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Strive for College is a new approach to correcting the inequalities of college access. Strive recruits undergraduate student mentors from local universities to guide low-income high school students through the process of applying to, enrolling in and paying for four-year colleges and universities. We are a national organization with chapters across the country.

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Our Chapters: Santa Clara University

Alexis Babb
Position: Chapter Director 
Grad Year: June 2013
Major(s): Economics, Finance 
Future Aspirations: CEO of a large company, travel the world, go to cooking school,

Director of a non-profit organization, and beyond :)
Why Strive:  Because Strive = change. Little by little, every conversation and bit of guidance, makes such a big difference in the lives of the students...and mentors too. By

the end of the sessions, we've all changed in a profound and positive way. I believe it is every human being's responsibility and duty to the future generation to leave this world a better place than when they found it.
What is your favorite thing about Strive: The people! From Strive National to regional chapters such as Santa Clara, everyone involved is so passionate, ambitous,'s very inspirational :) 


Bianca Lopez
Position: Director of Curriculum
Grad Year: 2013
Major: Public Health 
Future aspirations: Obtain a Masters in public health, and become a PA working in underserved community clinics.
Why Strive: I value the importance of education and know that everyone has the potential to achieve great things. I support all students who seek help to achieve their dreams.
What is your favorite thing about Strive: I love when students want to learn more far beyond what we mention.


Jace Lynch 
Position: Director of Mentor Relations
Grad Year: 2015
Major: Double Major: Political Science (Pre-Law); History
Future Aspirations: I hope to become an attorney for a major law firm or

corporation. My dream job would be an attorney for the NFL.
Why Strive: I am a first generation college student; therefore, my parents did not have firsthand experience in the college admissions process. I had to find other resources on my own to figure out how the admissions process worked and how to understand all the information that was coming at me. Now that I have made it to college I can use the

knowledge and the experience I have gained to help others who are just as confused as I was. It gives me a sense of giving back.  
What is your favorite thing about Strive:  The things that amaze me the most are the teens' responses during mentoring sessions. At first they're always quiet and don't really give much feedback and I feel like I am talking to myself. Then, I'll mention a certain part of the lesson and it strikes a chord. It strikes a deep concern that they have about getting into college, something they haven't been given an answer to or don't now how to ask for it. I love when the teens start steering the session and I feel that I can make the most difference when they tell me what they need from me. Its incredible how much they can open up without even realizing it. At the end of it all I think my favorite thing about Strive is when one of the students realizes that he or she can make it to college and they're entire demeanor and outlook changes. 


Saiyanna [Angelica] Lopez
Position: Director of PR/Marketing
Grad Year: 2013
Major: Marketing & Communication Minor
Future Aspirations:  I'd love to build a career with a non-profit organization, specifically working the marketing and public relations!
Why Strive: I love talking to and closely working with aspiring college students to get to know them and also share my experiences with them. Simply, it's fun!
What is your favorite thing about Strive: My favorite part is building new friendships with the students!

Angie Zhu
Position: Director of Campus Relations
Grad Year: 2013
Major: Marketing
Future Aspirations: To learn some technical skills before or after graduation and be able to

apply it to a job someday. 
Why Strive: I enjoy seeing someone's progress from start to end while being able to do

some things I myself find enjoyable, like proofreading and editing papers. 
Favorite thing about Strive: It is a very flexible program that allows its members to execute the curriculum in different ways and work to their strengths. 

Judith Martinez
Position:  Director of External Relations 
Grad Year: 2014
Major: Philosophy, Pre-Law
Minor: Entrepreneurship, Communications
Future Aspirations: Law-School, work for a non-profit focused on Social Entrepreneurship, and eventually begin my own venture
Why Strive: Everything Strive stands for. In a time where seemingly more barriers than paths to gaining a higher education are readily available, Strive for College embodies for me not only a new approach to addressing the inequalities of college access, but an invaluable resource for real life students and families with real life challenges.
What is your favorite thing about Strive: The intimate interaction you can have with your students and their families. As a first generational college student myself, just starting school I already felt disadvantaged. Lucky for me however, I had positive, life-changing mentors along my education who made me believe otherwise. If it weren't for those close relationships and bonds I made with my teachers, mentors, and advisors, I would not be here today. I love Strive because it gives me the chance, as small or as big as it may be, to pay it forward.