Strive for College seeks to ensure that our students not only reach college but graduate and achieve their professional dreams. That’s why Strive is always looking for new Corporate Partners who are interested in having their employees or customers serve as virtual mentors to Strive students as they navigate the college application process. Working with mentors who have experienced professional success helps Strive students imagine the same kind of achievement for themselves.

For more information on how your company can become a Strive for College Corporate Partner, please contact our Director of Corporate Partnerships, Christa Bennett, by clicking the button below.

Why Your Company Should be a Corporate Partner with Strive

Help change lives,
both of individuals & their families

    By helping a student get to college, you are helping them build a better life for themselves and their families: Individuals who earn college degrees make over $1 million more in their lifetimes than those who do not. And Strive offers mentoring services to students who need them most:
    - 88% of Strive students are from households making less than $50,000 in annual income,
    - 68% will be the first in their family to go to college.

Anytime, anywhere accessibility

    Mentoring with Strive is available in all 50 states, allowing employees in all of your US offices to participate. Interactions between mentors and students take place through the UStrive online platform, which your employees will access through a url customized for your company. Students and mentors can connect virtually whenever is most convenient for them.

    Additionally, an online model means we are able to monitor the platform, ensuring safety for both students and mentors and reducing risks associated with other volunteering opportunities. With Strive's secure, on-the-go features, professionals can easily fit volunteering into their busy schedules, mentoring from anywhere they are, from the office to the airport!

Measurable impact
through bi-weekly reports

    Strive provides our Corporate Partners with bi-weekly reports, so you can quickly and easily see how many of your employees are participating and how many students they are working with.

How Does Strive Work?

Create Profile

When students sign-up for UStrive, they receive different mentor suggestions based on their background and what colleges they are looking to attend. The student is then able to review the profiles of each of these mentors (i.e. what your hobbies are, sort of work you do, etc.) so put your best foot forward!

Background Check

All Strive mentors must pass a background check before working with any Strive students. These background checks can be completed online through our background check provider.

Complete Training

Once you register and complete your mentor profile, you will have access to Strive’s mentor training material. It will take a couple hours to review. Additional resources are available.

Connect with Your Student

Mentors spend around an hour a month working with a student. This time could include using Strive's comprehensive college search tool to find best-fit colleges, reviewing our guides for applying for financial aid and scholarships, or chatting about upcoming deadlines. Students and mentors can message, make phone calls, and video chat. All of the communication takes place through the UStrive platform, so personal email address and phone numbers are masked for privacy.

Why Your Employees Will Love Mentoring on Strive

One-on-one mentoring

    Strive provides a structured but flexible curriculum to make mentoring easy and enjoyable for both mentors and students.

Mentor from anywhere

    Students and mentors can connect virtually, whenever is most convenient for each of them. This model perfectly fits your employees’ busy schedules, especially those who travel frequently.

Impact a student's life

    Your employees will be able to give back to our next generation of leaders who will value their mentor's leadership throughout their lives.