A message to students and mentors in response to COVID-19:

We hope as you read this, you are safe and healthy. We recognize that many in-person college and career services that students rely on have been canceled for the coming weeks and even months, and we expect that there will be an increased demand for our virtual services during this time. To meet that need, we are leading a campaign to engage more volunteers so that every student who needs a mentor to help them complete their college and financial aid application can have one.

Additionally, we have launched a new program, Strive On, for college students. Now they, too, can be matched with a mentor, who will support them in staying in college, achieving a degree, and preparing for a living wage career.

Please refer any student with need to sign up for Strive's services, which are always free, at ustrive.com.

Again, please take good care of yourself. Visit CDC.gov for continuous updates on how you can best protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19.

With best wishes from the Strive team.

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How Can Strive Help You

Strive for College connects aspiring college students with free, one-on-one, online mentoring through the entire college admissions and financial aid application process.

Personalized Mentoring

Quality, one-on-one mentoring is the core of the Strive method. Strivers connect with trained volunteer mentors who guide them through Strive's rich, proven college guidance curriculum.

Frances - Brandeis University Before Strive, I never had that person to answer my college questions. My amazing Strive mentor believes in me and is there to answer my questions. :)

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Revolutionary Technology

Innovation is levelling the playing field for college access, and Strive is leading the way. Our custom-built virtual mentoring platform is a sophisticated, world-class technology solution with advanced communications features like video chat and data-powered college matching tools.

A health issue has kept me from doing my usual volunteer work in the community. But with Strive, I can mentor online which works well for me.


Exceptional Outcomes

Over 90% of Strivers go on to four-year institutions, usually with low or no debt. Strive's program helps Strivers discover the best-fit institution for their specific circumstances, both academically and financially. A better fit means better outcomes.

During my latter years of high school having a mentor was essential in my eventual collegiate success. Having the ability to give back and help mentor students who were once in my postion is extremely gratifying.



Build your network and connect with mentors and students who have been where you are going!

Having a mentor has put me at ease. I go to my mentor with anxiety, stress, confusion and he always gives me very good advice.

Jerry - Harvard University

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Will You Be A First-Gen College Student?

Strive’s I’m First! initative is focused on providing resources, tools and support for first-generation college students. Discover colleges that offer first-gen student programmes and support, hear inspiring stories from current and past first-gen students, and get advice and guidance from a community of first-gen students and grads.